Brain City Berlin

    Website support and module development from the previous developer. The complexity of this project was that the client wanted to redesign only certain sections of the site and the task was to work on…

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    Projekt Zukunft

    This project has been in support for more than 8 years, 3 migrations of the project from TYPO3 4.7 to TYPO3 6, after TYPO3 6 to TYPO3 8, after TYPO3 8 to TYPO3 10 have been made. During the…

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    This project was developed in 2022 and a large functionality was written for the sale of real estate objects. Also, at the request of the client, the standard behavior of TYPO3 translations was…

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    AI Berlin

    <div class="rte heading__meta"><p><a class="rte-link rte-link--website" href="https://ai-berlin.com/" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">View site</a></p></div>

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    Our team meticulously analyzed the Tilda website and developed a strategy to replicate its design, structure, and functionality within TYPO3. We accurately recreated the website's components, such as…

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    TYPO3 11-Powered Landing Website for Windows and Doors Sales Experience a sleek and user-friendly landing website for your windows and doors business, developed using TYPO3 11. Our team has expertly…

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    Berlin Fashion Week

    За свою більш ніж 10-річну історію цей проект зазнав три міграції і зміни дизайну, переживши значне зростання з TYPO3 6 до TYPO3 10, де його масштаби розширилися втричі. Структура проекту включала в…