Our exclusive TYPO3 solutions tailored specifically to your needs

We offer custom TYPO3 solutions

TYPO3 is still the basis of our development efforts today. Through our collaborative work, agile working methods, and the latest modern development technologies, we deliver an excellent TYPO3 solution. 

  • Experience

    For nearly 15 years, our team has been creating websites on TYPO3 and has a high level of expertise in modern web development technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Alpine.js and React). We use TYPO3 templates, such as TypoScript/Fluid/Extbase, to create simple, flexible, and responsive content elements for the TYPO3 editor.

  • Quality

    We take TYPO3 websites to the next level by expanding their functionality through the creation of custom TYPO3 extensions using Extbase/Fluid and configurable TER plugins. Our team has successfully developed over 50 of varying complexity for our clients.

  • Reliability

    We provide comprehensive TYPO3 website development with reliable quality control and long-term support, utilizing code management tools such as Git, GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, as well as modern TYPO3 deployment methods, including Deployer and CI/CD, etc.

A highly effective approach to development TYPO3

Requirements analysis

During the initial meeting, we have a short session to go over your requirements and discuss the project to define the scope of work. We will also review with you the TYPO3 best practices and quality standards, along with the best software development models such as Agile, DevOps, and Waterfall. Additionally, we will suggest alternative methods to build your TYPO3 solution and maintain it in the long term.

Prototype creation

After requirements analysis, we will create a set of static images that will be combined together to demonstrate a realistic scenario of the application before starting the actual development.

  • Determining the scope of work

In order to understand the functionality and visualize the user experience, you need to identify key requirements.

  • Wireframing

We will create a visual map of individual screen layouts and the overall user journey, taking into account UI/UX best practices, with a special focus on accessibility and BITV/WAI.

  • Prototyping

We improve the wireframes by adding interactivity to illustrate the system workflow and analyze critical business scenarios.

At this stage, design is combined with HTML development. With code that is pixel perfect, W3C validated, and responsive, we develop high-quality front-end development for TYPO3 websites and apps. Let's introduce you to our approach:

  1. we process the design file you provide, which includes PSD design, Sketch, AI, Adobe XD, EPS, etc.
  2. we generate distinct file structure containing HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
  3. we use robust front-end frameworks based on JavaScript such as Alpine.js and React, as well as Nunjucks templating engine and SCSS preprocessor for effective development.  

Embedding the front-end developed files into the TYPO3 template we develop custom TYPO3 elements that are editor-friendly, responsive, and highly customizable.

Our custom TYPO3 template development delivers

  • Famous Base/Child Theme Extending Concept
  • Editor Friendly TYPO3 Backend Usability
  • Ease to reuse developed TYPO3 elements
  • Elements Flexibility and Customizability
  • Using TYPO3 Core standards
  • Modern TYPO3 Coding standards

TYPO3 Template development technology set we utilize

  • TYPO3 LTS versio
  • Fluid Template Engin
  • TypoScript and DataProcessin
  • Use TYPO3 Cor
  • TYPO3 Industrial Standard Cod
  • EXT:ns_basetheme EXT:ns_childthem
  • TER (TYPO3 Extensions Repository
  • PHP PSR Standards

While with CI/CD approach we perform automatic Code Review with Lints

  • PHP Lint 
  • YAML Lint 
  • TypoScript Lint 
  • XLIFF Lint 
  • Flud Lint

At this stage, we utilize essential extensions from TER like ext: news, ext: container, ext: powermail, etc, as well as custom TYPO3 extensions developed with Extbase/Fluid, installed with composer that provides accurate solutions to you want at the TYPO3 website using:

Power-Packed Extension development strategy:

  • Fluid Template Engine
  • Domain-Driven Design
  • MVC Model
  • Using TYPO3 Core
  • PHP PSR Standards
  • TYPO3 Unit Testing
  • TYPO3 Industrial Standard Code
  • Automatic Code Review with Lin

ExtBase Extensions:

Using Extbase Framework and the Fluid Template Engine that is regarded as peak standards of TYPO3 extension development method, we develop modern custom TYPO3 solution according to your website’s need,

  • TYPO3 Multiple Version Support 
  • TYPO3 Custom Extension Templating Method: fluid

PiBase Extensions:

Old custom Extension/Plugin development method but yet very helpful. Although being outdated we can work with PiBase to meet critical solutions. We could also migrate extensions from PiBase to ExtBase.

  • Old-schoold TYPO3 Extensions 
  • Migration of PiBase to ExtBase Extenison

Project Versioning & Deployment

We use modern development workflow (version control, CI/CD) to automate the process of synchronizing changes between different installations and ensuring seamless delivery of updates. This way, we ensure effective version management and maintain software quality at all stages of development.

  • TYPO3 Versioning

To ensure continuous integration (CI) and continuous development (CD), we use a version control system to work on future versions of content without affecting the actual content of your TYPO3 website. We utilize the following version management tools to provide a process for this content, including creation, editing, review, and publication.

Git | GitLab | Docker | DDEV

  • Automated TYPO3 Deployment

We are implementing the idea of using continuous integration (CI) to automate the deployment process. For each TYPO3 deployment, we create a Git-tag and install TYPO3 on a testing server. We use modern deployment tools with automation, such as Deployer, Gitlab CI/CD, and GitHub Actions, to provide a simple automated deployment of TYPO3.

After the development and configuration of TYPO3, as well as during the Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) process, our QA experts continuously test the work. We adhere to specific rules to ensure that all implemented functions are working properly.

Testing Modules

  • Deep Code Review 
  • Functional Testing 
  • Unit Testing 
  • Performance Testing 
  • Integration Testing 
  • Load Testing 
  • Design Testing 
  • Using TYPO3 Core

QC/QA Checklist

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility 
  • Cross-Device Compatibility 
  • Broken Links check 
  • Validation with W3C 
  • SEO and Speed & Performance

TYPO3 Speed Performance Optimization

Based on our experience in TYPO3 development, we understand the importance of speed and productivity in a TYPO3 website. Therefore, we use the best methods and techniques to optimize website performance.

  • Server Level TYPO3 Optimization 
  • Cloud and CDN integration (Cloudflare, AWS, etc.) 
  • Using TYPO3’s built-in cache 
  • Lightning Super Cache (EXT.staticfilecache if required) 
  • Compressing, Concatenating & Cropping Your Assets 
  • Optimization of TYPO3 Source (EXT:sourceopt) 
  • We Test-drive Your Each Page to monitor speed & performance 
  • Accelerating TYPO3’s speed server-level tools (like Varnish) 
  • Avoid JavaScript Block Rendering 
  • Integrating Lazy Load - For Extreme Speed 
  • Automatically Convert Your JPG/PNG to WebP 
  • Amplify site’s navigation and search functions 
  • Minify, Compress & Concatenate Your CSS/JS 
  • Set Compression Level of TYPO3 Backend and Frontend 
  • TYPO3 Code Review & Clean-up 
  • Manage/Test TYPO3 Extensions Affecting Site’s performance 
  • Defer and Async JavaScript 
  • Minimize Server Request 
  • Optimize Page Size with Gzip Compression 
  • Leverage browser caching 
  • Implement Prefetch and Preconnect 
  • Schedule Regular Clean-up & Optimize TYPO3 Database 
  • Optimize MySQL & Server Configuration 
  • Check TYPO3 Status Health & Service Report 
  • Keeping Your TYPO3 Version up-to-date

TYPO3 Support and Maintenance

After we deploy your website on TYPO3, you can rest assured that we will ensure its performance and security. We provide a full range of services to ensure seamless operation of your website, including design, development, protection against intrusions, and timely updates. Regular technical support and maintenance from us guarantee that your TYPO3 website will always perform at a high level.

TYPO3 Maintenance

We will maintain your TYPO3 website up to date, create backups, track and fix errors, add new features and ensure security, which will save you time from dealing with technical tasks.

  • TYPO3 Core & Extension Upgrade 
  • Improving your TYPO3 website’s ability 
  • Creating custom TYPO3 elements & features 
  • Automatic Data Backup (code & database) 
  • Robust Quality Assurance and Testing 
  • Instant site Recovery in case of failure 
  • Website Downtime alert 
  • Bugs/Issues Report 
  • Security Update & Securing website from hack attempts 
  • Speed Optimization to boost page speed 
  • Regular testing for a bug-free website 
  • Performance maintenance

TYPO3 Support

Our team of experts offers various levels of TYPO3 support for websites and agencies, allowing us to provide extended and professional assistance at any level.

  • Regular monitoring with quick turnaround time 
  • Weekly updates With Full summary 
  • Dedicate Support Partner 
  • 24/7 Security Monitoring 
  • Secure Offsite Backups 
  • Up-time monitoring to ensure smooth functioning 
  • Speed, SEO, and Performance Check 
  • Plugin & Theme Vulnerability Scanning 
  • Server & Network Monitoring