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Our tailored approach to development of TYPO3 extensions

We collect information to gain a comprehensive understanding of your requirements. Then, we create a finalized concept and wireframe for the feature.

We believe it's important to clarify everything before we start writing the code.
First, we conduct a meeting with the customers and the team. Then, we define the key name of extension and prepare the Database ER Diagram. After that, we create a draft prototype and cross-verify the TYPO3 technical feasibility. Finally, we re-analyze business logic.

Now it's time to develop TYPO3 extensions based on the requirements. This involves preparing the basic files/folder structure of the extension and initiating the extension (if required) using EXT.extension_builder.

Then, we conduct a basic QA test of the extension. Once we have tested the extension, we remove EXT.extension_builder and demonstrate it to the customer.

In some cases, customers require custom backend modules to meet their specific needs. When this is necessary, we follow these steps:

  • develop and test domain models;
  • create a basic TYPO3 frontend plugin;
  • register the custom backend module under the Web section;
  • integrate UI/UX using HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap;
  • establish TYPO3 Extbase controllers, models, and repositories
  • utilize the TYPO3 fluid template engine to render the module.

Now it's time to import, activate, and test the plugin. To ensure optimal productivity and quality, we adhere to the latest coding trends, technologies and TYPO3 standards. We conduct TYPO3 security testing (such as SQL injection testing) and improve speed and performance of extension. 

We adhere to high development standards

  • Easily upgradable

    Our latest extensions are compatible with the newest version of TYPO3 and can be easily scaled and upgraded in the future to support any upcoming versions with minimal effort.

  • Perfomant

    Ensuring the highest possible performance of TYPO3 extensions is our top priority. To achieve this, we develop lightweight extensions that are fully compatible with 3rd party plugins.

  • User-friendly

    Our TYPO3 plugins are developed in a user-friendly manner and come with comprehensive documentation.

Most Frequent Queries

When it comes to developing TYPO3 extensions, we rely on the Extbase/Fluid framework provided by the TYPO3 core. Our team strictly adheres to the standards and features of TYPO3 core, including the use of TYPO3 APIs, domain modelling, services, hooks, and more.

To create a custom TYPO3 extension, we would need the following information from you:

  • A document outlining the specific requirements for the extension
  • The desired design and functionality of the extension
  • The version of TYPO3 you want the extension to be compatible with
  • Any references or examples that you may have for the extension

In case any of these details are not available, we are always open to discussing them with you over a call.

To upgrade a TYPO3 extension, we first upgrade the TYPO3 core and any compatible extensions using the Extension Manager.

If any extensions utilized are outdated versions from TER, we manually search for and download the extensions from TER, and install them via composer after performing a dependency check.

In situations where current extensions are not compatible, we have several solutions available:

  1. If a specific extension is not functioning properly, we search for an alternative extension from TER.
  2. If no extension is compatible with the latest version, we make efforts to make it compatible with the latest version.
  3. If none of the above options work, we develop a custom extension to meet the exact requirements.