Reliable TYPO3 maintenance for continuous growth and development of your website.

We provide maintenance of your TYPO3 website.

The team at WebGet Agency has extensive experience in maintaining TYPO3 websites. We offer a wide range of support plans to ensure that your website is secure, up-to-date, and performing well. We are very proud of our support team who are always ready to help you at any time. Our support plans are designed to meet all your needs and requirements and keep your TYPO3 site running smoothly.


Our maintenance is:

  • Protect your website from hacking attempts
  • Speed optimization for instant page loading
  • Regular testing of the site for errors 
  • Uptime monitoring to ensure uninterrupted operation
  • Regular backups to restore assets in case of data loss



What we do for this:

  • Keeping your site up to date with regular TYPO3 updates
  • Updating themes and plugins
  • Regular backups of your website and database
  • Database optimization
  • SEO and performance monitoring
  • Vulnerability scanning for plugins and themes

WebGet Agency experts are well skilled in TYPO3 maintenance!

Constant updates to ensure smooth functioning of TYPO3 website,

  • TYPO3 Minor Updates
  • TYPO3 Security Upgrade
  • Extension Updates
  • TYPO3 Patch Updates
  • Weekly updates
  • TYPO3 Health reports

Maintaining your TYPO3 websites to stay updated, stable, available

  • Website Performance Monitoring
  • Periodic Health Check & Site Audit
  • Site Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • SSL Monitoring and Renewal
  • TYPO3 Health Report
  • Malware Cleaning & Removal
  • GDPR

We provide priority support for TYPO3 websites with,

  • TYPO3 Security Upgrade
  • TYPO3 Theme Changes
  • Multilingual, Multisite, & Deployment Setup
  • Content Updates & Publishing
  • QA & Quick Fixes
  • Extension, database errors

Our specialists will do everything necessary to make your website load in less than 2 seconds,

  • On-Time Performance monitoring
  • Image & Code Compression
  • Database Optimization
  • SEO & Performance Optimization
  • File Compression
  • CDN Configuration
  • Varnish Integration

We’d implement, improve, and maintain good TYPO3 SEO sitewide

  • SEO Audit & Best Practices
  • Server and Cloud Backup
  • SEO Plugin Installation
  • GA, GTM, GSC set up & Tracking
  • SEO Code Implementation
  • Google Analytics & Webmaster Integration
  • Technical SEO Issue Resolving

Constant updates to ensure smooth functioning of TYPO3 website,

  • TYPO3 Core database & Plugin Backup
  • Server and Cloud Backup
  • TYPO3 Patch Updates
  • 2.x Monthly TYPO3 Backup
  • 1-Click backup restore
  • Instant Recovery

WebGet Agency is your TYPO3 support partner!

  • Experience

    10+ years of developing and maintaining TYPO3 websites.

  • Productivity

    Multidisciplinary support team. Resolved 380+ support requests.

  • Team

    A team of 10 TYPO3 developers to respond quickly to support requests.

  • Communication

    We can communicate via YouTrack, Discord, or video/audio calls.

  • Reliability

    Site audits, source code testing, application firewall services.

  • Flexibility

    Audit of custom TYPO3 development and work with complex environments.